Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Boo Hoo

Well Dear Readers....

I was so excited to present my first post from abroad as we went to Shenzhen (aka 'Shenners') yesterday and took many tantaling photos. However, on the way home my:

- Australan passport (thank goodnness it was set to expire next year)
- Pocket camera (essential to the Blog Grr....)
- Flat keys (essential to my life Grr....)


- iPhone (thank goodness I only had a '3')

Went missing in action on the train home....

Anyway... As soon as I got home and realized i naturally called my phone and naturally it went straight to message bank, leading me to think that someone is quite excited with their haul. This morning I went straight to the Australian High Commision and I was the 4th case that they'd seen of 'disappearing passport on the MTR' that day - and they'd only been open a 1/2 hour!

Yours in Grrrr-ness

Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Vivid Book Launch and Talking Turkey

You’ll be hearing a lot about N, M and C. They are my besties in this town. Besties are particularly important when everyone’s Husbands are away so much.

Anyway, I digress, the girls and I plus assorted Husbands in Town (HinTs) decided to be honorary Americans tonight and embrace Thanksgiving.

Before our feast we tripped along to the Vivid Hong Kong book launch at Picture This. Vivid Hong Kong was shot by N’s friend, Palani Mohan. The amazing thing is that he shot the whole book on his iPhone.

M enjoying the art from Vivid Hong Kong

C liked this one...

N spent a lot of time admiring the chest on this guy...

And here's me...PTT! I wore my cream Club Monaco Silk top and olive Club Monaco silk 3/4 trousers. I carried Gucci. I walked in my Coach snakeskin mules. I smelt like Jo Malone Red Roses.

It seems that the Pseudo Tai Tai photography efforts have a lot to live up to!

After we went to Pure and gorged ourselves on the whole shebang: Turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, chipolattas wrapped in bacon, glazed carrots and baked new potatoes.. d’lish! Followed by my first taste of American Pumpkin Pie - Dear readers, I am now a fan.


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

It’s nearly December - thus officially Christmas at Casa Hk

I love a good vignette around the house to officially ring in a season. Don’t you?
As we are going back to the Mother Land aka Australia for the holidays we are not taking out a second mortgage to purchase a tree especially grown in the wilds of Europe for Hong Kong expats. Thus, carefully placed vignettes around Casa HK will have to suffice.
I’d like to think Martha would approve…


Pseudo Tai Tai

Deck the Halls...

As it’s THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY I went today to check out our local Swedish Superstore’s (IKEA) offerings for 2011. Bitterly disappointed! It’s not even December and it’s all sold out. I only came away with this poinsettia…

In the taxi...

Now in situ at Casa HK…

I then went to Franc Franc (cute Japanese store) to see their offerings…much better!

I’m quite proud of the way my fellow Hong Kong-ites embrace THE SEASON. We Westeners can’t say we are denied anything when it comes to Christmas (except maybe snow if you are a Northern Hemisphere PTT fan). We get real trees imported from Europe, Christmas food from around the world and even a rather excellent Santa complete complete with fabulous beard at one of the shopping malls.


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hello World!

Due to popular demand I’ve decided to start a Blog. It will be focused on our life in Hong Kong and Australia and things that interest me namely:

~ Shopping! Especially bargins of the season (BOTS)
~ Home decoration and how let your family’s personality shine in a postage stamp sized ‘same, same, but different’ apartment
~ Attempting to garden on the 36th floor
~ Observations about life in Hong Kong and abroad
~ Life with the kidlets: Prince and Princess PTT


Pseudo Tai Tai xxx